Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker


Do you remember the singer Shaggy with his mega hit many years ago, Mr. Bombastic? Well, that certainly set off a trend in speak-nging (speaking/singing, you heard it here first!), and I guess that “better late than never” applies to the Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker. The Gunmetal Grey and Purplex Purple colors will retail for £49.99, while those who want something different can settle for the Camouflage and Carbon Fiber make up which will cost you 10 quid more, that is £59.99. So, what can the Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker deliver in terms of performance?

Touted to fuse urban style with quality audio, the Boombotix Street Speaker relies on Bluetooth connectivity to hook up to your media playback devices. You can clip it to your belt, slip it in a bag or hook it up to a bike, and voila – here you are, a veritable, walking library of tunes that you can share with the rest of the world. Of course, who are we to stop you from just leaving it perched on your desk? That’d be defeating the purpose of its existence though, as if you settle for the latter, you might as well purchase a more decent set of desktop speakers.

Offering up to 8 hours of non-stop audio playback, the battery requires approximately a full hour to recharge. It is also showerproof, and despite being wireless, an aux input is there just in case you have non-Bluetooth devices that want to share the music love.

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