Edifier Sound To Go PLUS portable all-in-one speaker system


Don’t you think that the boombox is so 1980s? Well, if you happen to think along that train of thought, and figured out that the new millennium obviously needs something far more powerful when you want to share your favorite rockin’ tunes (or if you want to carry out a flash mob somewhere with wicked dance moves), then you would obviously need some sort of highly portable and yet powerful audio system.

Now, with the Edifier Sound To Go PLUS portable all-in-one speaker system, I am quite sure that it will not be able to fill up the entire hall with sound, and neither is it any match for noise on the road, but at least in smaller, more intimate enclosed areas, it is able to pull its own weight and pack quite the aural punch as well. Why not take a look at the Edifier Sound To Go PLUS portable all-in-one speaker system in the extended post and let us know what you think about it after that?

The Edifier Sound To Go PLUS portable all-in-one speaker system was specially designed as an all-in-one micro speaker with a rechargeable Lithium Battery within. It will come encased in an elegant brushed aluminum chassis, boasting a 2 channel stereo with 2 full range 1.25” drivers on each channel which are, unsurprisingly, magnetically shielded. Not only that, it will also come with a built-in ‘Class D’ amplifier and a 3” x 1.25” oval passive radiator.

The presence of an auxiliary input will allow you to hook it up to multiple host devices including smartphones other MP3 enabled device. The Sound To Go PLUS itself is a self-contained portable mini speaker system which will deliver exceptional audio performance above and beyond any integrated laptop or tablet speaker, and is ideal for home, business and travel use.

Expect to enjoy up to 10 hours of non-stop audio playback with Sound To Go PLUS, where you can juice up the Lithium Ion battery thanks to the included USB cable. Each $49.99 purchase will be accompanied by a soft protective carrying pouch for safe transportation wherever you are.

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