Parrot Zik Headphones


There is nothing quite like a pair of high quality cans to gety our blood pumping with the right kind of music, no? I guess you would not be too far off the mark with the £349.99 Parrot Zik Headphones, don’t you think so? This unique pair of wireless headphones are able to deliver hands-free, capacitive controls, offering the wonders of seamless Bluetooth and NFC pairing, in addition to delivering powerful noise cancellation, boasting an automatic stop/play function as well as bone conduction, speech-detection technology.

Imagine changing tracks and adjusting the volume with but a single swipe of your hand, or how about automatically pausing or playing the song whenever you receive a call or remove the headphones? In fact, you are also able to make the necessary adjustments to the stereo image, offering the owner of this pair of cans total control over your listening experience. In addition, you are able to download the app for improved use and functionality with smartphones and tablets. It will obviously run on batteries being wireless and all, sporting a replaceable/rechargeable 800mAh cell.

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