Water Absorbing Concrete Coasters


Coasters are meant to help prevent nasty water stains on your expensive coffee table, and it makes perfect sense to “invest” in a little bit of extra money, after all, it is far cheaper to purchase coasters than a new coffee table, right? Assuming you are in the market for some cool coasters, what are your options? Those with a flair for design as well as practicality can look towards the £11.99 Water Absorbing Concrete Coasters.

It is said that these Water Absorbing Concrete Coasters are more than capable of soaking up spillage, while looking absolutely awesome. It is made up of a non-toxic blend of ash and cement while boasting a non-stick base, making these unique coasters resemble a section of footpath right after a massive earthquake. Good thing no lives were lost in the production of this puppy, and it is 100% eco-friendly while you are at it.

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