Samsung Electronics introduces LED square display and transparent display

Just what are Samsung Electronics up to these days? I know that their parent arm, Samsung Electronics, must still be mulling over the fine which they were slapped with concerning their legal battle with Apple that concluded recently. Well, just to take your minds off things for the moment would be Samsung Electronics’ latest introduction of an LED square display as well as a transparent display, and I think personally, I am far more interested in the latter than the former as it has a more science fiction feel to it.
Well, the recent announcement at IFA 2012 in Berlin will showcase the availability of innovative 1:1 ratio LED square display (UD22B) and transparent display (NL22B), further accelerating the South Korean company’s leadership in the commercial B2B display market for the second half of 2012. Let us take a closer look at the distinctive 1:1 ratio square display from Samsung in the first place right after the jump, shall we?

For starters, it is touted to support unlimited configurations while opening up new potential for creating immersive visual experiences. Sporting a 5.5 mm bezel-to-bezel measurement that delivers seamless installation as well as digital loop out in order to produce a single image across up to 100 displays, Samsung’s 21.6” square display enables commercial users to explore limitless possibilities – whether they are involved in designing artistic video walls or otherwise.
As for Samsung’s maiden attempt at commercializing their first ever All-in-One transparent display, this 22” piece of modern consumer electronics which goes by the model number of NL22B is a radically new kind of product, where it is available as an all-in-one showcase which will be able to launch a new era of possibilities in digital retail design. Sporting a thin LCD panel on the front of the transparent display, it enables images and animations to dynamically interact with the merchandise within the showcase, all the while allowing passers-by to view the product without missing a beat.
All three of the remaining sides are made of protective tempered glass which are enclosed by a sleek metallic frame, delivering a rather uppity appearance for the NL22B.
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