Protect Your Noggin and Stay Stylish


Ask anyone who knows me. I am a klutz. It is a rare day where I am free of bumps, bruises, cuts, or scrapes. If you are like me then protective gear is your friend. At some point practicality overtakes style in a quest to stay safe – unfortunately. So though fairly active I am definitely not an activity fashion statement.

A Swedish company has come to the rescue for people like us though! The Hövding, what the creators term an “invisible bicycle helmet,” will help you stay stylish and safe. Hövding is actually a collar. In car airbag style, sudden extreme motions trigger the inflation of the collar into a protective bike helmet. It takes about .1 second to inflate and does not interfere with your field of vision once blown up. Hövding applies constant pressure for several seconds and then begins to deflate. The off/on indicator, battery power and battery indicator lights are charged via USB. Hövding is currently only available in Europe for about $600. On the style side, Hövding also offers stylish covers for the unit to help it blend with your clothing.

So if you need a bike helmet but prefer to stay stylish, keep your eye on Hövding.

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