LG TM2792 Personal TV with CINEMA SCREEN Design makes IFA 2012 bow


Don’t you just hate it when you purchase a brand new TV, only to realize that has become obsolete by the time you unpacked and mounted in on your living room wall? The great irony about the situation is this – you got this piece of news that a spanking new TV has just been released to replace your model, watching it all from the glory of your new purchase. Well, I am quite sure that if you are one of the first few people in Europe who drop serious money for the LG TM2792 Personal TV with CINEMA SCREEN Design when it is released this September, you will not be able to run into such a situation.

Basically, the LG TM2792 Personal TV with CINEMA SCREEN Design is the company’s newest premier showcase that has made its debut at IFA 2012 in Berlin. It is said to be the “ultimate entertainment platform”, although I am not quite sure just how true that is. The LG TM2792 will allow you to enjoy a vast array of innovative features such as LG Smart TV functionality, CINEMA 3D and CINEMA SCREEN Design, ensuring your eyes will be able to dance all over the amazing picture quality delivered via IPS technology.

As for the hardware specifications (I leave the aesthetics to your judgment as you can see above), it will come with 27″ of viewing goodness at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, in addition to a LED IPS (In Plane Switching)/3D display with 250 nits of brightness, sporting a wide 178-degree viewing angle, 5ms response time, and a pair of 7W speakers. In terms of connectivity, you end up with DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct and WiDi, D-Sub, two HDMI ports, composite, component, SCART, three USB ports to get you started, LAN support as well as two battery-free glasses which unsurprisingly, are also flicker-free.

Unfortunately for the masses, there is still no word on pricing details. I suppose this is one of those moments where if you actually need to ask, chances are you are not able to afford it. What do you think – what is the next quantum leap in TV technology?

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