ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad now comes in Chrome Blue


You know for sure that hardcore gamers take their gaming very, very seriously. Otherwise, they would not be hardcore, would they? Every single bit of performance counts, just like how the high speed and high precision sport of Formula 1 is like. After all, you can never quite tell whether you missed that last money shot simply because your mouse did not register that final flick of your wrist as accurately as you thought it would – only to realize that you were let down by your mouse pad simply because its grooves were all worn out.

Well, if reading the above paragraph actually caused you to have a second look at your mouse pad, only to see that it indeed has grown thinner than it originally was, perhaps it is time to reconsider a new mouse pad. I remember my first “professional” mouse mat from 3M, boy was it ideal to frag my opponents into oblivion, but the extremely low sensitivity setting in my Quake configuration made me run out of space – real fast, leading me to look out for a larger mouse pad. Enter the Chrome Blue version of the ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad of today.

The Chrome Blue version will feature a revised surface, in addition to more intense colors while measuring all of 2mm high (or should we say, low?). The special microcrystalline coating that was incorporated into the fabric surface is extremely effective at minimizing frictional resistance between the mouse and the pad, hence noticeably improving the gliding capability of mice. Not only that, it works extremely quietly with hardly any noise, allowing your mouse to glide almost silently over the entire ROCCAT mousepad without missing a beat. The ROCCAT Sense Chrome Blue High Precision Gaming Mousepad can be purchased for €19.99 if you are living across the pond, while those living Stateside will end up with the slightly better deal at $19.99 a pop.

The ROCCAT Sense Chrome Blue High Precision Gaming Mousepad measures 400mm x 280mm, making it ideal to perform sweeping mouse movements. Folks like me who have extremely low sensitivity will love this mousepad which sports a rubberized coating for the entire underside, making sure the mouse pad sits perfectly and securely even on smooth surfaces.

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