Gamer Soaps look like the real deal


Gamers who are extremely serious about their favorite titles would know that one can spend hours on end for a particular game, and if you do not have any work to attend to, there is always the tendency to spend the entire next day sitting right in front of the computer or console, doing your very best to make sure that you are able to collect every single coin available, as well as achieve a 100% kill rate to boot.

The thing is, when you spend that much time in front of your console or computer, you might not even bother getting up to shower for more than 24 hours straight. As for your physical sustenance, all you need would be the phone number of the nearest pizza parlor and you are good to go. Here is one novel way to make sure you are able to keep yourself clean and smelling nice, coming in the form of the NES Controller and the SNES Controller under the guise of Gamer Soaps. These will go for £9.99 a pop, and you can also choose from three other designs such as the Playstation 3 Controller, SEGA Mega Drive Controller and Xbox 360 Controller which will be slightly more expensive at £12.99 a pop.

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