Handheld Talking Spelling Bee


“Are we there yet?” should be one of the most commonly heard questions for parents who tend to take their little ones out for road trips often, but thankfully over the years, there has been modifications and changes introduced to the world of mobile technology that has made such trips a whole lot more bearable. Take the Nintendo Game Boy for instance, that was a trailblazer to keep your little one quiet for hours on end on only a quartet of AA batteries. Why not take the more educational route this time around with the $69.95 Handheld Talking Spelling Bee? This handheld talking video game will help hone your child’s spelling skills and build up their vocabulary thanks to an interactive spelling bee. It is similar to the National Spelling Bee, sporting a 2.5” color touchscreen display, speaking a word where you will need to spell your response using the touchscreen keyboard. It runs off three AA batteries, and it is a game that even parents can learn from.

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IT Rush Says: August 24, 2012 at 8:41 am

Ah.. this one is really perfect for my little kid actually. Not bad for $69.

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