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Taking a USB cable for your phone is becoming a necessity. Whether needing to sync with a computer or needing a charge, inevitably you will need a cable. And then comes the fun of unraveling the cable. I’m continually dumbfounded by how a relatively well rolled charger can turn to a hornets nest with minimal motion. Imagine using speakerphone with your colleagues on your cell phone on an important conference – struggling with 1% charge – and you are stuck unraveling your cord to save it from shutting down. D’oh! Or even worse, you can’t find your cable. Double D’oh!

AViiQ™ designs stylish and practical mobile accessories like the iPad case we covered last year. To help with the USB cable craziness AViiQ offers the Ready Clip USB Mini Cable Kit. It is designed to be carried like a pen as it measures only 5.5”. So rest assured that untangling is not required. And like the name says, Ready Clip comes with a clip attached – making it really easy to stash in your shirt pocket or computer bag. Ready Clips are available in 3 connector types, all on Amazon: Apple 30-pin ($14.99), mini micro USB ($10.12) and USB ($8.49).

So whether you are an executive looking to streamline your mobile experience, a student trying to stay on top of your game or just a gadget lover, the Ready Clip provides an inexpensive investment to relieve the hassle of cables!

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