No More Falling Into the Campfire

OK, so maybe you haven’t fallen into the campfire. But face it, campfires have their challenges. Collecting wood, getting flames going, stoking it. Yep, it isn’t necessarily what every camping or hiking trip necessarily needs. If you are packing in and trekking 10 miles building a fire for a quick nights stay isn’t exactly the best way to spend your time with nature. Trekmates believes an easier way exists and has revolutionized outdoor cooking.

Meet the Trekmates Flameless Cooking System. Consisting of a stainless steel and plastic container and a water-activated heat pack, it is a self contained heat source. Simply put your food in the stainless container, activate the heat pack with water in the plastic container, insert under the stainless portion and close the top. 7-10 minutes later your cooked food awaits. Using in enclosed spaces? No problem. No toxic fumes are created. You will get 40 minutes of cooking time at 194° F with the 50g pack. A 20g option is available too. Simply drop another pack, in for more heat. A neoprene cover for the stainless food holder means you pick it up and eat right out of it. And at 500g the system adds minimal weight to your pack. The Trekmates Flameless Cooking System is available on Amazon, with the container at $43.55 including 4 packs. Additional heat pack are available for $16 (5 x 50g) or $13.94 (7 x 20g).
The uses for the system are really limitless. Sure there are obvious…campers. But gosh forbid mother nature ruins the day, at least you can cook inside the tent. Day hikers can now easily cook. Any boy scouts in your life? It certainly provides a safer option when any children are involved. And you’re not contributing to polluting the world. So keep the fire to a minimum and still enjoy hot food while enjoying nature.

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