Star Wars Darth Vader Force Glove


Don’t you sometimes wish that the world of science fiction might just cross over to our realm? Case in point, take Star Wars for example. I seriously wonder just how many people would join the Light Side of the Force if they had Force powers, considering how the Dark Side seems to be a whole lot more enticing with Force Lightning and Force Choke. Well, assuming the Force is strong in you in an alternate world, you might want to get some training on this side of reality with the $19.99 Star Wars Darth Vader Force Glove.

You can now have a chance and playing the role of a Sith Lord, all made possible thanks to the power of magnets. Yes sir, no midi-chlorians are involved in the Star Wars Darth Vader Force Glove, as you are now able to perform feats such as Force ‘push’ and ‘pull’, thanks to the polar opposite magnetized gloves in your possession. Each purchase is accompanied by the relevant cutouts and a learning guide to get you started right out of the box. It won’t help you with your piloting skills that Vader is so famous for, though.

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