LG introduces 84-inch UD 3D TV

LG Electronics has been a busy bee when it comes to churning out new and wondrous pieces of consumer electronics for the masses, and today is no different either. Just what kind of wondrous goodies does LG has in store for us? We are talking about the self proclaimed “world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV” which was just introduced in the Korean market (southern part, obviously), and I would presume across the world as well. LG’s UD 3D TV is the company’s effort to respond to ever increasing consumer demand for larger and more immersive home TVs that sport a greater degree of functionality.
As for the LG UD 3D TV, it will come with its fair share of new smart features that we will look in closer detail after the jump, and these have been put in place in order to deliver a greater level of convenience and simpler interaction for the user.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “The 4K display market is still in its infancy but it was important for LG to claim a stake in this space. LG’s UD 3D TV represents a whole new level of home viewing experience because it offers every advanced technology we currently have to offer.”
Havis should not worry about LG staking a claim as mentioned, especially when the LG UD 3D TV comes with an astonishing picture quality of 8 million pixels per frame, and when you contextualize that into today’s specifications, it would be four times the resolution (3840 x 2160) of existing Full HD TV panels, made possible courtesy of LG’s advanced Triple XD Engine. Not only that, there is also the Resolution Upscaler Plus that enables images from external sources like a portable hard drive or websites to be rendered in higher detail, somewhat akin to upscaling on your DVD player.
Not only that, LG has also outfitted their UD 3D TV with CINEMA 3D technology so that you and your impressed guests will be able to enjoy the most immersive viewing experience possible. The introduction of 3D Depth Control allows one to fine-tune the “distance” between near and far objects on the screen, something like the Nintendo 3DS albeit on a far more refined level.
No idea on how much the LG UD 3D TV will cost, but chepa is definitely not the word that I am looking for. Perhaps in a decade’s time, no?
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