Earn that Bottle of Wine!

Wine accessories never cease to amaze me. There always seems to be another one popping up, making perfect gifts or hosting items. There are devices to aerate and to help pour. There are glasses to make it taste better or with easier grip. There are an abundance of items to cork or decorate your bottle too. Tougher to find is an item that challenges a wine drinkers mind. If you need a gift for a wine lover or really want to get some attention during your next party may we recommend the Vino Vault™, a wine puzzle brain teaser. Make people earn their glass of wine! The Vino Vault turns your bottle into a cryptex – yes, a puzzle. Five lettered rings are the key to unlocking the bottle. Program in your own code and then let guests guess away. The vault won’t open until the right code is entered.
The Vino Vault holds most burgundy (Merlot, Cab, Shiraz) type bottles. If unsure on the size of the bottle simply print out a template on vinovault.com to take with you to the wine store. Their website also gives creative suggestions on how to deliver clues to guests and even contains a code bank to help stimulate your mind.  The great part is The Vino Vault is available for $32.44 on Amazon.
So next time you have friends over for a  night of wine or as you assemble your holiday shopping list keep the Vino Vault in mind…to test theirs!