Game, Set and Match vs. Bugs

What would summer be without bugs? More enjoyable, that is for sure. Grilling out in the summer is a must. There you are, entertaining friends, juicy steaks hot off the grill, serving up side dishes and suddenly, bam! Every bug in the neighborhood somehow gets an invitation to the party. Or how about airing out the house and realizing that you have a bug slumber party going on. Spiders in the corners, moths on the lights. You’d think they are moving in for good!

Stay armed and ready for the pesky creatures with the Zap Racket™! It provides the satisfaction of eliminating pests and you don’t need to swing like Roger Federer! Get the little critters close enough to be interested and ZAP. Zap Racket contains an electric layer sandwiched between two protective, non-electric layers. So you won’t zap your finger inadvertently. It operates on a rechargeable battery, with removable cord, so you are always ready to zap. 500 amps provides more than enough power to handle mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, house centipedes, termites, spiders, fruit flies, gnats, roaches, and more! It is even available in 3 colors – Red Hornet, Emerald Fly and Orange Ladybug – to suit your fancy. Zap Racket is ready and waiting on Amazon for $20. A no brainer in the war on bugs. And you can even add a light on to help attract the buggers at night.
Let Zap Racket help you enjoy a bug free summer whether indoors or outdoors and eliminate the need for poisonous pesticides, unsightly traditional zappers and bug cleanup.

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  1. You can get the same gadget at Harbor Freight for $3.99. It’s a different brand, but it’s the same thing.

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