Charge Your iPad +15 Friends’

Does your household jockey for the right to charge an iPad next? Getting them all charged at the same time becomes a matter of who takes priority. And you know there are companies out there who have multiple iPads in circulation at the same time. Think of busy environments like construction sites or tradeshow floors. Technology is constantly in use. Communication is key, transactions are happening. And batteries die!

Parat Solutions has the answer. Their PARASYNC line of products offers portable charging solutions for iPads. Their InSync Transport case offers a durable solution for up to 16 iPads and a 13” laptop. Compartments can even accommodate bulky cases, so you can tell whose is who and don’t have to ‘disrobe’ them. Contained inside the case is a circuit board to route charges (110v to 240v). Connect the case to exterior power and you are charging. The laptop footprint means you can charge the computer or even sync to the iPads. The case is designed to be shippable and comes with built-in wheels and an extendable handle for mobility. A dense foam case inside protects each device space too.
Obviously, being designed for more corporate or industrial usage, the price is not cheap. But for $645 (available on the investment is minimal versus the cost of 16 iPads and a laptop.
Thanks: Cult of Mac