Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots

Have you watched Real Steel yet? This movie which stars Hugh Jackman who is down and out on his luck, only to have his son’s faith in a battle hardened albeit retro fighting robot help him get his life back on track, is certainly awe inspiring. You too, might want to find your fair share of fighting robots, but such a high tech sport does not yet exist in this part of the century, leaving you to settle for something less imposing like the $99.99 Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots.
These are remote controlled robots which are fully well capable of engaging in intergalactic combat – regardless of whether you are at home, or over the Internet. These two-wheeled robots will rely on radio frequency waves in order to “strike” their opponents from up to a range of 49′ away, while the remote controls will enable rapid forward movement and hairpin turning so that enemy fire can be avoided.
Expect explosive sounds to be generated whenever an attack is launched for that added bit of realism, where each direct hit is logged by LEDs located on the remotes. The robots will also be able to hook up to a computer thanks to the included USB cable, while a website is there that creates robot avatars so that users can resume their battle with an online video game. More virtual “weaponry” downloaded to the robot itself are made available for the victors of the battles, and these robots will run on a quartet of AAA batteries each, while the remote controls consume one less battery each.