Channel Your Inner Vulcan


I always enjoy grabbing attention when I pull out my iPhone. Funny ring tones turn heads, and creative apps raise eyebrows. But how about grabbing attention with your phone to your ear? The Spock Ear Design iPhone case from Graphicpals will make people double take. Chat with your friends while showing off the distinguishable Vulcan ear and sideburn. Grab a laugh from passers by and keep your phone safe at the same time.

The case conforms to the iPhone 4 or 4S. Quality of the case is always a concern of mine. Graphicpals chooses to use silicone rubber, versus plastic. Though not necessarily as shock proof rubber does conform better, creating a tight fit that repels the elements.  The graphic should not fade or peel either. It contains a high gloss permanent finish on special plates to prevent age from destroying your pointed Vulcan ear.  This Spock tribute sells for $15 plus shipping on Etsy.