JAYS announces a-JAYS One+ headphones that comes in white


There is just something about Swedish chic that is very appealing to the masses – just take a look at the kinds of furniture that IKEA rolls out, sporting clean lines and functionality without costing a bomb in the process. Well, take Volvo as another example – many a time touted to be the world’s safest car, Volvo has certainly sexed up its corporate image over the years, leaving us with a vehicle that is definitely worth owning – if you can afford it, of course.

Well, today we have the a-JAYS One+ headphones that was announced by JAYS, where it will come in white. This pair of headphones is based on the award winning a-JAYS series high quality sound platform, where it will also boast of an 8.6mm dynamic speaker, in addition to tangle-free flat cables, a remote control with a built-in microphone and an L-shaped connector. In the package itself, the remote control and microphone will enable you to pick up and hang up calls, while you play or pause your music, in addition to being compatible with your local music library, Skype and iChat.

JAYS has also specially developed a complimentary JAYS Headset Control App for Android that enables you to discover additional features for yourself, transforming your a-JAYS One+ into a fully customized multi-feature control. If you own an Android-powered device and have just enough budget to blow on a pair of above average earphones, then the a-JAYS One+ would be it as it was specially optimized for Android. Of course, it will also works just fine with Blackberry, Windows Mobile devices like the Nokia Lumia, in addition to the slew of iOS devices from Apple.

It is nice to see how the white model of the a-JAYS One+ headphones will go down nicely with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The asking price of the JAYS a-JAYS One+ headphones is not one that will burden you, considering it had been slapped with a $59.99 price point.

Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO Jays AB, said, “We are happy to launch an alternative color to the award winning a-JAYS One+, a headset that has proven to be the first choice for our style-conscious fans, experiencing the concept of JAYS Mobile Music on a global scale with its unrivaled sound quality and simplicity. a-JAYS One+ is delivering audio quality that is far superior to that of the standard earbuds packaged with MP3 players or phones, while also giving completely customized control with our free, highly ranked and leading, JAYS Headset Control app. a-JAYS One+ is yet another strong expression of the passion, innovation and love for music that we want to share, with strong and authentic Swedish products in our own design.”

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