NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock


Having trouble waking up because you are more or less immune to alarm clocks these days, not to mention the almighty snooze button working in your favor as it causes you to prolong your sleep until you are perpetually late for work? Well, there is some home with the £14.99 NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock, as it will help you keep your eyes open the moment it rings to signal that it is time for you to roll out of bed and get that lazy bum off to work.

How so, you ask? Well, the alarm clock itself doubles up as an electronic Nerf target game, and the green LCD backlight will turn on whenever the alarm rings, or when the clock is tapped. To keep it quiet, you will need to have your very own Nerf gun in the first place to fire at it, where hitting the target squarely would send the NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock back to snooze mode. It will be powered by a quartet of triple A batteries if you are interested in bringing this puppy home.

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