Wrap Your Straps with Kool Strapz


Young and old alike own bags and backpacks. But inevitably they all begin to look the same. Ever grabbed the wrong bag while leaving a packed conference room? I am certain many of you have made return trips to school to track down a missing backpack of a little one. Now there is a “kool” accessory that will help avoid those mishaps and let you, or the student in your life, express your personality. Let your bag stand out in the crowd with Kool Strapz. These colorful ornaments let you spot your bag from afar and let people know what you are all about. Simply slide your bag straps through the Kool Strapz, available in 5 colors.

Then stock up on your favorite Jibbitz™. What are Jibbitz? Little shoe charms that gained popularity with Crocs. Kool Strapz allow you to attach up to 10 Jibbitz™ per strap to express your personality. There are thousands of Jibbitz™ available including some of the most popular through Kool Strapz. You can stock up at only $14.99 a pair at KoolStrapz.com. Or take advantage of KoolStrapz.com specials that include a pair plus Jibbitz™.  So whether for you or the bag carrying person you love, wrap your straps with Kool Strapz.

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