Techie Baby Gear

A person can only get so excited about baby stuff – especially if you are not a parent like me. We buy our gift, somewhat clueless as to what is truly helpful to parents yet unique at the same time. And for those of you that are parents, you just want to find things that are useful! Cute quickly gets replaced by practical.
4moms hears us all. This fairly young company designs and builds innovative products with both parents and babies in mind. Products are totally practical in their design and function. Perusing their website I found myself – the non-parent – saying “this stuff is COOL.” You know if a non-parent says its cool that it is not your run of the mill baby products. Read on to learn about a couple of 4moms products visit or Amazon for more information or to buy.


Bouncy seats or vibrating swings saved many a parents sanity to date. Most babies I have known go through a phase where bouncing or vibrating is the only thing that can calm them. But what happens when you can’t reproduce that motion? Ever stuck out of the house trying to emulate a swing or seat? Not so easy, because in reality we can’t! Welcome to mamaRoo from 4moms. This creative child care cradle gives the familiar look of a bouncy seat, but replicates human motions. mamaRoo sways from side to side and bounces up and down just like moms and dads do to comfort the little one. The seat adjusts to any reclining position and mamaRoo comes with built in speakers and nature sounds! Not enough? There is an auxiliary plug to connect your music player. An LCD display on the base allows control of motion and audio. All of this is available for just $199.99. Babies hit the jackpot with the mamaRoo and parents can rest assured that they won’t have to compete with the bouncy seat or vibrating swing.


True confession: I, the non-parent, am intimidated by baby strollers. Untangling or packing them makes me crazy. Push this, pull this, secure that, how do you adjust the seat, etc. Seems like a lot of work! 4moms engineered approach keeps it simple but adds oh so many perks. Orgami is the world’s first power folding stroller. Yes, touch the button and it folds itself up! See it in action. Where does power come from?  It charges as you walk! And 4moms knows that power is valuable so they include an attachment for a cell phone charger and both pathway and daytime running lights. And if that’s not enough, Orgami contains an LCD screen displaying mileage (total or trip), temperature and speed. Not to worry, plenty of storage space still exists like with a typical stroller. Sure you will pay more than a standard stroller, at $849.99, but Orgami helps enable a more active family and fewer headaches while going mobile.