Bounce Wi-Fi Enhancer


When it comes to Wi-Fi signals, we definitely have come a long way since the 802.11a/b and even 802.11g days, where 802.11n has been the de facto standard for quite some time already, having extended range like never before. Well, you might want to consider the $24.99 Bounce Wi-Fi Enhancer as your next gadget purchase around the home as well as at the office, where this particular device is said to be able to give your Wi-Fi signal a boost in strength – up to three times, in fact. Bear in mind that the Bounce Wi-Fi Enhancer will work only in the presence of external antennas, anything internal will not work.

Talk about turning your router into one that runs on steroids! Good thing that there are no doping measures taken against Wi-Fi routers, right, otherwise the Bounce Wi-Fi Enhancer would surely be disqualified in the world of gizmos and gadgets. All you need to do is place the Bounce on top of your home’s router, point it in the direction that needs the added boost, and you’re good to go. Anyone given a go as to figure out its effectiveness in the real world?

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CM Says: August 14, 2012 at 11:53 am

Only works with a/b/g, not n

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