Medea L.E.D Vodka brings new meaning to “message in a bottle”


We have heard of many stories concerning a message in a bottle in the past, but here we are with something totally different – the £59.99 Medea L.E.D Vodka adds a new twist to that particular saying, and you can call it a “message on a bottle” instead. Yes sir, this rather generous container that holds a transparent tipple which Russians absolutely love to drink (as well as many other cultivated tastebuds around the world, of course), has its fair share of technological infusion which would mean your less eloquent self after taking a fair number of swigs of the bottle can be offset by the Medea L.E.D Vodka – where you have carefully pre-programmed the right kind of message for all and sundry to read later on.

Basically, each Medea L.E.D Vodka bottle will be accompanied by an electronic ‘ticker’, allowing you to display up to half a dozen different messages in bright LED lights across the face of your bottle. This means you can look even cooler than ever before as you make your way through the crowd, looking at the rest of the working class smugly while you lounge in the VIP section of your favorite night club.

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Ben Sewards Says: August 13, 2012 at 9:27 am

I’ve had this bottle since last New Year’s Eve, and I must say, it was nothing short of an eye catcher. This unique vodka bottle allows the user to program the LED strip to their liking by the click of only two buttons. Once your message is complete, it is saved as one of the five presets, and can be viewed over and over again by switching to that preset! What a nifty idea Medea!

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