Manfrotto Hotshoe Dimmable LED Panel


When it comes to camera equipment, you know the more gear someone carries, the more professional he or she is. Well, most of us would just tote around a compact digital camera that has its own built-in flash, while more serious shutterbugs will look towards a DSLR kit. Here is an accessory that you might want to consider purchasing if you were to make the move up to the big leagues, so to speak, with the $79.99 Manfrotto Hotshoe Dimmable LED Panel.

It is said that the Manfrotto Hotshoe Dimmable LED Panel delivers perfect lighting for on-the-go filmmakers, being tiny enough to fit in your camera case, while it is also versatile to play nice with a wide variety of DSLRs and compact cameras – and get this, it will also work even with smartphones, now how about that? This 24-LED light source delivers daylight-bright light, where all two dozen LEDs will emit continuous light at a constant temperature of 5600°K (daylight), not to mention an illuminance of 220 lux at a distance of 1 meter. You can control the lighting in a precise manner thanks to its dimmer. Any takers?

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