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It goes without saying that the world of social media has definitely changed the way we communicate with one another, and social networks such as Facebook as well as micro blogging sites like Twitter have introduced a new way we visit places – especially when we check in to various restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. Our modern day smartphones would be the primary device where we use social media most of the time whenever we are away from a desktop or notebook, while at the office or home itself, we will most probably be uploading photos of our latest soiree with the rest of our mates.
Having said that, have you ever wondered whether the humble shoe could actually jump aboard the social media bandwagon? This is exactly what I am talking about with sportswear giant adidas coming up with the aptly named Adidas Social Media Shoe. Thanks to the help of customizer NASH Money, adidas has managed to inject a healthy dose of technology into a 2012 adidas Barricade tennis sneaker, which transforms a phone into a shoe. Alternatively, those who are on the other end of the spectrum might want to argue, is this a shoe that has been turned into a phone? More details to follow in the extended post.

Fans tweeting athletes, athletes tweeting fans, these look set to be commonplace thanks to this highly modified adidas sneaker. Bear in mind that this will not enter into mass production, as it is a one-off concept sneaker that does lead to the intriguing question – what will the future hold when it comes to social media and sports? Imagine Usain Bolt at the tracks, tweeting his feeling about performing a triple double in Rio when 2016 rolls around, you can be sure that the classic Twitter fail whale might just make an appearance then.
The Adidas Social Media Shoe will merge an Arduino unit, a LCD display, and LED lighting in order to deliver a shoe which, by virtue of its existence, should deserve its very own Twitter account. The external LCD display shows off relevant information to user, while a personalized software will poll the Twitter API’s to share specific data on the shoe screen.
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  1. I’ve never heard of this social media shoe until now. I’m not sure it would ever take off if it was put into mass-production.

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