Samsung Galaxy S3 Voice over LTE smartphone prepared

Samsung is at the forefront of the record books yet again, having made an announcement that concerns the first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) smartphone in the world (at least this is what they claim, and we do know that MetroPCS, of all the mobile carriers in the US, have announced the first VoLTE service in the US recently), and this particular smartphone will be available to the masses with their flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE spearheading this particular niche market.
Samsung is said to be supporting VoLTE with the Galaxy S3 LTE model in Korea sometime from this month onwards, and this will be followed up by the availability of this particular smartphone across global LTE markets, making sure that Samsung will remain at the forefront of the LTE market as well as mobile communications technology. Good luck to them, and I do hope that this venture will be able to take off, as Samsung already has plenty on their hands at the moment, especially with the high profile court case against Apple that is happening in the US right now.

For the uninitiated, just what is VoLTE? Well, VoLTE basically relies on an IP packet-based service for both voice and data, which will pave the way for new multimedia services to be introduced, including the ability to convert from voice call to video call. Not only that, with VoLTE, it also delivers more than double the voice frequency of 3G and HD-level audio codec (AMR-WB), which in turn translates to delivering high quality voice calls that can be compared to having a direct conversation with someone in person – I suppose this is one claim that I will need to hear it to believe it, how about you?
It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE smartphones can receive an upgrade to support VoLTE services through a software update, all without having to go through the hassle of adding in more communication chips.
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  1. Great. Interesting timing. Now that carriers are all eliminating unlimited data and more are offering unlimited voice, NOW we get VoLTE?
    The technology is welcome — assuming it allows simultaneous voice and app transmission, it could still be very valuable to users. But the timing probably negates the hope of cost savings for users. It should help carriers reduce costs, and gives them another way to drive users toward higher-revenue usage.

  2. RE. Simultaneous voice and app transmission: And assuming carriers don’t suppress or throttle that capability

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