iLP Turntable merges old school with new

Is there a generation gap when it comes to music these days? Some might say so, and continue to diverge in their paths, while other folks who have more inclusive tastes do not mind listening to the songs of old from a different era, coming to appreciate what their parents used to rock out to. Well, in terms of music playback devices, so too, will there be differences that need to be bridged – and with the £99.99 iLP Turntable ($149.99 from

.com, that day has finally arrived. The iLP Turntable is suitable for vinyl lovers, where it will be able to convert all the tunes from your old LPs straight to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch – all without the need for a computer to function as the middle person in the equation.
All you need to do to transfer vinyl directly to your iPad is to pop the player in the slot, spin the vinyl and press the record button. The iLP Turntable will have all the necessary brains within to perform some sort of electronic, digital magic, transforming all of those classics of yore directly to your iPad’s music app. Heck, it is even capable of separating tracks automatically to boot.