Lawn Aerator Shoes

Like humans, lawns need some TLC. We are heading into aerating time for many types of grass, to get more nutrients into the soil. However, buying a new aerator for a task that only needs to be done once a year is an investment in either money or muscles. Sure you can spend over $200 on a state-of-the-art machine or go through the hassle of renting one. Or you can get your workout for the day manually punching holes with an inexpensive tool.
How about using your own feet? Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes attach to your own shoes. Then all you do is walk your own lawn. Your hands are free and your own weight aerates your lawn. Each ‘shoe’ comes with twelve 2” spikes – spaced perfectly for a thorough job. These spikey lawn helpers are available at Amazon for just $12.99.
Grab your lemonade, strap on your ‘spikes’ and aerate-away!