Genius Imperator Gaming Keyboard ships to North America


Folks living in the US and Canada, heads up! If you have been wondering whether there is a need for you to change your gaming keyboard after all these years of faithful service, where the keys are well worn to the extent where you can no longer see what are the alphabets printed on their respective keys, and the spacebar has started to act all wonky due to unusually excessive force distributed by your thumb through the years, then it would be prudent to consider a rather affordable alternative which caters to both MMORPG and RTS gamers (First Person Shooter fans will have to look elsewhere), in the form of the Genius Imperator Gaming Keyboard.

The Genius Imperator Gaming Keyboard is proud to be the latest addition to the GX Gaming Series, where it is touted to deliver customized control to gamers in the heat of battle. It will feature half a dozen programmable keys that are stashed under a trio of game profiles. This would mean the Genius Imperator Gaming Keyboard is capable of letting you assign up to 18 macros to get your game on. Not only that, the included User Interface makes it a snap for you to manage and customize your macros.

It must be said that once the macros have been programmed into the Imperator, you are then free to go on a spell casting spree (as long as there is enough mana that flows, of course) with but a single keystroke. Not only that, previously complex acts can be executed with a solitary press of a key with the right macro programmed. In addition, Genius knows how irritating it can be whenever you switch to Windows by accident during one of the more frenzied gaming moments as you press the Windows key, which is why when it is in gaming mode, the Windows key will remain disabled.

The GX Series Imperator will also boast of up to a 1000Hz report rate and 1ms response time for speedy performance, while on-board memory prevents APM (actions per minute) loss, so that you will have every available bit of tactical advantage in your virtual battles. Hopefully the braided, 6 foot long USB cable is more than long enough to play without experiencing a wired mess.

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