Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox


Goodness gracious, has technology advanced to such a stage where the humble plastic pillbox is now electronically inclined, so much so that you no longer have any more excuse not to pop those pills as prescribed by your doctor? I guess so, especially when you have the $249.95 Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox that not only delivers visual indicators that it is time of that day again, it also delivers audible and visual alerts. The pillbox will beep once every two seconds when it is time for you to get those pills going down your esophagus, while a green LED on the front of the box will illuminate as part of the visual reminder repertoire.

Not only that, the compartment which holds the correct medication will also light up. The only way for things to go wrong would be human error as you fill up this pillbox with the wrong medication, and also when you forget to juice it up. Good thing the Audio/Visual Alerting Pillbox is able to operate for up to half a dozen weeks with a four hour charge by the AC adapter. It has its own internal memory that will store the name of each medication, dosage amount, frequency, and drug indications, while letting you print a medication reference sheet separately which you can attach underneath the lid.

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