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Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock


I would presume that most of us rely on our smartphones as our alarm clocks, since we get to choose the kind of ringtone to wake up to. However, there are others who would like a dedicated alarm clock to get the job done, as it has always been that way, so it is nice to have it continue. Well, since we have moved on to voice commands in our smartphone operating systems like Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri, how about introducing voice commands to the humble alarm clock? This is what happened with the $59.99 Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock.

No longer do you need to smash your alarm clock to send it to snooze every morning when it rings, and you can always get out of bed on the right side by yelling directly at it. Unlike your pooch, this is one alarm clock that is obedient and actually listens to what you say! The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock will also come equipped with a built-in FM radio and a timer, and it sports a rather generous 5″ LED display, where it will be accompanied by half a dozen natural, soothing sleep sounds, not to mention being able to respond to over 30 voice commands. Each snooze moment lasts for up to 9 minutes.

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