“Bluetooth-itize” Your Docking Station



Remember the first time you heard your phone’s digital music on a docking station? Or in the car? Aaaaaahhhh, the clear sound was a treat for the ears. And it was so convenient to take your tunes with you, wherever.  But our use for our smartphones, and now tablets, grows every day. What used to be a music and communication device is now our main browser and email checker. Not to mention what we accomplish with apps. We can’t put the devices down!

As cool as the days of docking stations have been, these days it is not so simple to leave your phone plugged in for hours just to hear tunes.  Inevitably you need to look up a contact, play a game or check a website. Exeter Science & Entertainment (ESE) is here to solve the problem. Their CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver turns your 30 pin connector for your iPhone or iPad docking station or A/V cable into a Bluetooth docking station.  Use it for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and any other Bluetooth enabled device. So yes, if your car has Bluetooth and appropriate plug, use it in the car. It has a wireless connection up to 30 feet and automatically detects 5V (home) or 12V (car) power supply. The CoolStream is available on Amazon.com for just $39.99.

Keep your phone in your hand or your pad on the desk while streaming your favorite content to your dock. Just plug, pair and play with the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver.



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Rod Says: August 2, 2012 at 4:17 pm

I have one in my 06 Mercedes E350 and I use it everyday and the bass booms. I don’t have an iPhone but that no longer matters…very cool

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