Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle

Yup, it is that time of the year which is going to loom upon us yet again – Halloween, where you spend some time and a fair amount of money to make sure that your front lawn looks as though it is a setting right out from a horror movie. This time around, you might want to consider planting a gargoyle right smack in the middle of your yard – it does not matter whether it is in front or at the back. The thing about gargoyles is this, they tend to be super heavy simply because they are made out of stone. Well, here is something that you can easily set up each year (and remove, of course) without breaking your back – simply because we are talking about the $379.95 Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle.
Yes sir, a Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle? Sounds near impossible, but Hammacher has done what Adidas had always preached about. This inflatable 15′ gargoyle will tower over visitors at a Halloween yard display, where it ensures it will do its very best to keep a nightly vigil without ever dozing off, unlike a human. Of course, you can always have your pet dog do the job, but don’t you think a gargoyle is far more intimidating, where it comes with powerful clawed hindquarters and forefeet? Not only that, it can move its massive 3′-wide head 60º back and forth for that added menacing look.