Q Card Case For iPhone


It goes without saying that one of the first few peripherals that most folks would get for their iPhone at the store itself would be a protective case of some sort. Well, if you are thinking of doing so for your iPhone (brand new or not, and only of the 4 and 4S variants), then you might want to check out what ThinkGeek has in store for you with the $39.99 Q Card Case For iPhone.

The Q Card Case For iPhone is said to make your life a whole lot simpler, as you are able to carry some cash with it, in addition to up to three cards that are snuggled nicely alongside your iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. It is made out of an exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric for that added touch of class, and the Q Card Case itself will come with a flat Screen Guard design that delivers the ultimate screen protection and ease of use. Not quite the electronic wallet that you envision in the future, but it is one step closer, don’t you think so?

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