Reward Tags – What do YOU have to Lose?


There is something worse than just losing some of your more expensive gadgets, like cameras or laptops, and that’s all the stuff that’s on them. I knew it was a mistake when I let my daughter take my camera on a field trip to the Statue of Liberty, yes, she left it on the bus and remembered it when she got home. I will decline to discuss that her grandmother actually chaperoned the trip and knew to watch out for the camera. I wasn’t as devastated by the camera as I was the hundreds of memories left on that thing…

Most of us have felt the sting of a loss like that, and we know in our hearts we’ll never see the stuff again, but these new reward tags are a great way to up the odds in your favor. These durable, adhesive, polyester tags attach to your favored valuable items and, by using a special code assigned to your item you can easily provide contact information as well as offering a brief message to whomever finds it, and further entice them to return it, by giving them a reward.

Users affix the tags to almost anything they might like to see again should they lose it, like cell phones, keys, iPads or even jackets or handbags, next, you create an account, activate your tags and then enter your message and information at the website. People who find an item are directed to the same website by your tag and are able to find your message and reward via a unique ID code.

I think that people are basically good, AND that most people will log on to look up your message and the combination of a heartfelt personal appeal coupled with a monetary reward may actually be enough for you to get your stuff back. How about you? The tags are certainly inexpensive enough to give it a try, 15 tags for 20 bucks at Oh, BTW, we got the camera back… from a passenger that recognized us in the pictures.See? People really are good.


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