Wello Launches an End to your Exercise Excuses


Okay, it’s no secret how much I hate to exercise. I can rattle off a half dozen ready excuses for why I don’t want to work out, not the least of which being that I don’t have the time. I donated money to a gym for an entire year, I say donated because I paid, and never went. I also have at least 3 pieces of brand new exercise equipment, in varying stages of clothing storage. Heck, if it weren’t for my rowing machine, I’d have nowhere to put my winter sweaters.

Well, forget going to the gym or boring at-home workouts, because yesterday, Wello.co became the world’s first website offering live personal training via two-way video. So whether you just have a 20 minute break at the office, or you actually have an hour to kill in your living room, as long as you have an Internet connection Wello can provide you with a very affordable and easy way to workout with a real live fitness professional of your choosing. My excuses are slowly dwindling aren’t they?

Now that we have Wello, our workouts can happen wherever and whenever we want them. All we need is a laptop, webcam and an Internet connection. First you need to explain a little about yourself and what kind of equipment you might have (if any) and then you pick a trainer that suits your needs in terms of time, date, price, or training style, and finally, you book your session and get to sweating. How easy is that?

 I think the idea may work, because unlike joining the gym (which I swear I did with the best of intentions) once I book a trainer and have them live on my computer talking to me, I’m kind of trapped, and fairly committed, not to mention I won’t want to waste the 5 to 75 plus dollars that I paid to wello.co,  to just shut down my computer and eat a pizza while I watch a movie. Hmm, pizza and a movie?… sounds good doesn’t it?

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