Sceptre has a spanking new 50″ LCD HDTV for the masses


You can say that many of us love to own new pieces of consumer electronics whenever we can afford one. However, a lot of that depends on your bank balance, and Sceptre is definitely a name that allows you to own some of the better looking home consumer electronics without having to burst that bank account of yours. For those of you who are looking for a spanking new TV, here we are with Sceptre’s latest addition – the 50″ LCD HDTV that is said to offer a true 50” viewable area, in addition to surround sound and a slim and sleek design – which would make it the ideal centerpiece for just about any room.

Just like all the other Sceptre models which have been released in the past, this new 50″ LCD HDTV from Sceptre will come with its slew of features that are not commonly found in other HDTVs that are on the market. Among these features include SRS TruSurround HD, which is actually a technology that is capable of optimizing bass performance in order to create a vivid 3D sound experience. Apart from that, it will also come with multiple HDMI ports which makes sense in this day and age – where more and more devices come with HDMI connectivity. Apart from that, there is also a USB port that will let you easily view and access music and JPEG files, in addition to being able to swivel up to 30 degrees so that you can adjust it to any viewing angle, among others.

To make sure that your eyes are greeted by none other than crisp images, while your ears enjoy unparalled sound quality (at a budget price of course, we are not talking about audiophile level here), the Sceptre 50″ LCD HDTV was also specially designed to be as energy efficient as possible, resulting in long term cost savings for the consumer. I would say this makes plenty of sense, especially if the HDTV is your primary mode of entertainment in the living room. It does not matter if you use it to watch movies or play games on a console, the Sceptre 50″ LCD HDTV will get the job done just fine. It has an Energy Star rating that is estimated to cost you $21 each year – the lowest in its class, of course.

The asking price for 50″ of viewing goodness? We are looking at just $999.99 here – which isn’t much at all, don’t you think so?

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