Serenity tire gets modified


Do you love cycling? Casual cyclists might not experience a flat tire throughout their entire lives, but things are very different for professional cyclists. Just ask any of the riders in this year’s Tour de France – to be on the receiving end of a flat tire after one hits a tack or nail on the road is extremely frustrating, as it results not only in delays, but of more concern, it is absolutely dangerous in certain situations. In 2011, Hutchison introduced its airless Serenity tire to the world that is touted to be 100% flat-proof.

Now, necessity is the mother of all invention, but there is no stopping someone who wants to update an existing device – as cyclist Steve Boehmke realized that the Serenity tire is fairly difficult to install, and will only be able to fit to a very specific sized rim. He managed to turn the tables around by building wheelsets with the tires pre-mounted, so that there will no longer be any hassle for you to install them on your bicycle when the time comes.

Just a refresher – the Serenity tire is made out from a microcellular tube which will fit into a specially designed tire casing. It will ride as though it were an ordinary bike tire, with approximately 60 pounds of pressure, and that is more or less the equivalent to a mountain bike or city bike. As the tire has no air, it will not have any rolling resistance from air loss. Tipping the scales at approximately 1,400 grams (3 lb) a pair and boasting a reflective sidewall so that you will have some semblance of visibility during low light conditions, the tires are also said to be able to handle more shock absorption compared to the standard issue tube tires, where they are rated for approximately 3,000 miles (4,828 km) of wear.

Boehmke has, as many an entrepreneur has done, turned his attention to Kickstarter in order to raise the necessary funds to achieve his dream. Right now, there is still a week or so left to go, and his project has already raised $1,678 of its $1,000 goal. Good luck to Boehmke!


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