The Explorer Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker – Takes the Party Anywhere


Nothing says beach day like a fabulous frozen Pina Colada, you know the kind, topped with a cherry and one of those cool little paper umbrellas. There’s nothing like laying out near the beautiful blue ocean, sunglasses on, and a frosty beverage by your side, but unless you’re staying at some fancy resort, sometimes getting one of those festive libations in your hand is a little more difficult than it sounds, I mean where the heck are you going to plug in a blender at the beach?

Well fret no longer my little party animals, and check out the Explorer Frozen Concoction maker, the rechargeable, “take me anywhere” blender that lets you take the action to places a frozen daiquiri has never been before. Close your eyes and imagine your next camping trip, you by the fire and the whirr of the blender as you whip up a few Margaritas for the gang. (if anything could make camping more tolerable it’s a Margarita) Better yet, imagine who will be the coolest bartender at your next tailgate party.

The Explorer’s powerful blending and shaving motors are capable of doling out up to 80 frozen drinks on a single charge, and with its pre-programmed drink settings and front access controls this baby can shave and blend 36 ounces of your chosen frozen delicacy at a time, and that should certainly be enough for you, and a few of your closest friends.

The Explorer comes in a rugged design with oversize controls and a graphite finish with lovely mango colored accents, it comes with a charging base and rechargeable 18v battery pack. The pitcher and top are dishwasher safe, although theres no word yet on a cordless dishwasher, but of course we’ll keep you posted. So let the party begin, and get your Explorer at for around 399 bucks. Cheers.


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