iGills SE-35 offers more than just waterproof protection


So you love going snorkeling, and while you are at it, why not snap some photos? After all, it makes perfect sense to capture the overall feeling of wonder whenever you are swimming a few feet below the sea’s surface, not to mention having that surreal environment which is a whole lot calmer (in most cases, unless you jump right into the middle of a feeding frenzy) than what we get up here on solid ground. For those who are wondering whether to purchase a waterproof case for your digital camera, you might want to consider an alternative – the iGills SE-35, where the name itself gives the game away.

Basically, the iGills SE-35’s primary function would be to make sure your iPhone remains nice and dry despite you being underwater, but it will also do far more than that. In fact, the iGills SE-35 is said to be able to transform your iPhone into a fully-featured dive computer. This is a waterproof scuba diving case that works great in protecting the iPhone nice and dry down to depths of 130 feet (40 meters), and it also makes life easy for you to use underwater thanks to half a dozen buttons that have been integrated into the design.

Not only that, you will be able to retain access to your iPhone’s camera to shoot underwater images, while the iGills SE-35 will also come with a complementary app that paves the way for you to take advantage of its navigation tools. Are your surroundings too dark? Not to worry, there is also a built-in torch to help you out here, with of course, an automatic dive log to boot.

Polycarbonate is the material of choice for the iGills SE-35’s housing, where it is said to feature similar material used to manufacture bulletproof glass, and it will place nice with all iPhones except for the original iPhone from 2007 and the iPhone 3G. Basically, anything from the iPhone 3GS and newer will work, although I do think that it will not work with the next generation iPhone. You cannot receive data transmission or make calls when underwater though, but that should not be an issue. The iGills SE-35 has a pre-order price of $329.99 a pop.


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