Herbie the Mousebot Kit


I have long associated the name Herbie with Disney’s Volkswagen movie that is a cult classic, but here we are with something from Thinkgeek that has been updated to meet the requirements of the 21st century – it is the $44.99 Herbie the Mousebot Kit that we are talking about right here. Just like a normal flesh-and-bone mouse, Herbie the Mousebot Kit, too, needs some form of sustenance to work. Good thing all you need to feed him is light, and watch him go!

After all, Herbie loves nothing better than a spot of bright light and will chase after it, putting Garfield and other fat cats to shame. This is one unique DIY kit that you can introduce to budding scientists in your home to explore light and the world of robots. There are also other option parts let which enables more than a single, lonely Herbie to play with one another.

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