London Underground Tube Tent


The summer Olympics are about to start, so if you are living in London, you might as well get on with the revelry there to welcome folks from all walks of life in the best British way possible. Some of the famous British icons include Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the Parliament building, and who can forget London’s famous Underground Tube? If you have a backyard that is large enough, then celebrate this iconic personality of London city with the £1,999.99 London Underground Tube Tent.

Granted, it is not cheap at all when you consider the price tag, but at least you know you can chill out in your very own Underground Tube lookalike without fearing any unwanted or unsavory characters approach you for some money, or possibly threaten your life in exchange for your valuables. There is also no need to worry about the smell of human waste at some points, as all your creature comforts are easily accessible from your home. Even better is this – you need not be bothered by the constant sound of a rumbling train, assuming your backyard is nice and peaceful all day (and night) long.

Modelled after a Northern Line carriage, it boasts of 7 zip-separated compartments, comes with a couple of side doors and a drivers door, and can sleep up to 16 adults, now how about that? If you want to make it standing room only, then you can have 70 plus adults hang around in there.

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