IRIScan Book 2 makes document and book scanning a cinch

Now here is a scanner that you might want to consider getting if you do happen to be a scanning freak. After all, scanning a particular page in a magazine or book for its information is far more useful compared to taking a photograph with your smartphone’s camera, never mind the fact that smartphone cameras have come a long, long way since a few years ago.
With the IRIScan Book 2, you are able to scan books, documents, magazines and photos regardless of the time or where you are – and this is all achieved without the need for a computer in the vicinity. Let us take a closer look at how the IRIScan Book 2 works in everyday life right after the jump, shall we not?

The IRIScan Book 2 will also come with the relevant apps to support its scanning ability, and I must say that on paper, the Readiris 14 software does seem to be very impressive. After all, it is capable of transforming scans and PDFs into editable and searchable digital text which can later be uploaded over to the Cloud at your convenience.
According to Jean-Marc Fontaine; Director of Sales and Operations, Americas at I.R.I.S., “Readiris 14 boosts productivity and saves time, setting the standard for portable scanning on the market today in terms of speed and accuracy. Whether you are a student, businessman or road warrior, Readiris is a powerful tool when paired with any scanner, especially one of our portable scanners like the IRIScan Book 2.”
The IRIScan Book 2 is highly portable, since it is battery-powered, there is no need for any pesky power cables for you to carry around. All scanned pages will be sent straight to a microSD memory card, where the IRIScan Book 2 will get the job done in black/white or color with 600 and 300 dpi scanning resolutions. Even better is this – you do not need to deal with any pesky driver installations at all, where all you need to do is connect the scanner with the included USB cable or insert the microSD memory card into the computer, and you are good to go.
The IRIScan Book 2 will come in 2 flavors – the 2 AA battery-powered version which lasts for up to 200 page scans retails for $99, while the more expensive IRIScan Book 2 Executive at $129 has a built in rechargeable battery, and it can send scans via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
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