Grace Digital Matchstick targets Amazon’s tablet


The world of tablets can be said to be divided into two camps – one that is powered by the iOS operating system from Apple, while the other will run on the Android operating system from Google. However, there is a niche market which is slightly different – those that make up the Nooks and the Amazons out there. Here we are with a rare moment when there is an accessory which was released just for the Amazon’s 7″ tablet. Calling it the MatchStick, this Grace Digital offering will throw in robust stereo sound to Netflix, Pandora Internet radio, audio books as well as the rest of the multimedia capabilities that the Kindle Fire is able to offer.

Basically, the Grace Digital MatchStick speaker dock for the Kindle Fire is their latest creation which is said to offer millions of Kindle Fire users with a device-specific dock specially for their Amazon tablet. It is available over at at the moment, and it will begin to ship as soon as you place your order.

It its previous life, the MatchStick speaker dock was known as the FireDock, and it was specially engineered for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The MatchStick will come with the unique USB port, headphone jack and power button. All of those are located right at the bottom of the tablet for easy and convenient access. It must be said that the majority of universal 3.5mm speaker docks will not charge devices while in use, but the MatchStick speaker dock for Kindle Fire does not follow convention, charging while on AC power, in addition to the optional (which is sold separately) lithium-ion battery-pack that paves the way for maximum portability.

It was specially and exclusively sized for the Kindle Fire only, where the rotating cradle is capable of holding the 7″ tablet in a secure manner, while accommodating horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

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