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Urbanears claim that their most ambitious headphone to date would be the Zinken pair of headphones – which is said to be a brand new approach to the concept of a headphone that sees it function as a musical instrument. It was specially developed with the professional DJ in mind, although there is a caveat to this – it will pay adequate respect to the wallet of the amateur. Basically, I am saying that that you will get the best bang for your buck with the purchase of a Zinken, where we will explore its fair share of features such as the TurnCable and the ZoundPlug in the extended post.

Let us take a look at the TurnCable first. Originally constructed with a rugged Kevlar within, the TurnCable boasts of a 6.3mm plug that can be used with a mixer, in addition to a 3.5mm for mobile devices that range from phones to MP3 players, although I do wonder who uses the latter any more these days. The TurnCable also boasts of a coiled section that gives you the freedom to move without requiring to disrupt the sound that comes from your headphones.

As for the ZoundPlug, this was originally featured on the Urbanears Plattan headphone, where the ZoundPlug might point towards a plug, but rather, it is an audio output socket which enables another person to share exactly what you are listening to at that point in time through plugging in to the ZoundPlug.

To sum it up, the Zinken headphones was specially designed to be ultra wearable kind of headphone which can basically be worn for hours on end at a time without you ending up with a case of extremely hot ears. Not only that, it will come with a padded headband as well as comfortable ear cushions to deliver a longer period of wearability. In addition, the increased foam density of the ear cushions will enable you to achieve far superior noise isolation, with the swivel ear cups enabling you to adjust your playing style.

Urbanears is also mindful enough to work with materials which do not absorb odors and sweat, definitely a good idea for those moments when you are enjoying marathon listening sessions. The asking price for the Zinken as it arrives in the full-range of Urbanears colors would stand at $140 a pop.

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