R2-D2 now carries popcorn and drinks

The world’s most famous astromech droid – R2-D2 of Star Wars fame, who has seen Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker back in his younger Jedi days, is an extremely resourceful astromech droid, more often than not using his logic circuits to be able to get out of sticky spots without the need for any Jedi powers. Well, this time around, we have R2-D2 being a server of popcorn and drinks, retailing for $48.95 a pop in the form of the Disney Star Wars R2-D2 Plastic Popcorn Bucket & Drink Stein Set.
Needless to say, food and drink are not included with each purchase, where you will open up R2-D2’s head so that it will reveal the space required to hold your favorite beverage, while the popcorn bucket can be detached and hung on the side when it is in use. This special edition popcorn bucket was created to commemorate the re-opening of the Star Wars attraction which happened early last month. Definitely one for the hardcore Star Wars fan, others might just want to pick this up as a novelty item.