Waterproof Bolt Down Safe


Have you ever watched James Cameron’s Titanic? At the beginning of the story, the dive expedition saw some members of the team check out a safe that was still stuck under tons of pressure per square inch, only to retrive it and find out a drawing of Rose by a particular Jack Dawson. Well, I suppose if the safe was the $199.95 Waterproof Bolt Down Safe, it would not have any water rush inside to spoil the contents of the safe. Touted to be 100% waterproof even when fully submerged, it will bolt to a floor so that you can make sure your sensitive belongings remain in your safekeeping according to the best of your ability.

Just in case there is a flood, the perfect airtight seal will prevent all water seepage, while ensuring it remains buoyant when not bolted down just in case there is a flood. It is also insulated with resin and cement, so that it can handle a 1,700º F fire for up to an hour in tests performed by and independent laboratory. Other features of the safe include 0.94″ cu. of storage which will also boast of an adjustable-height shelf, an integrated key rack, and a pocket on the interior of the door which is perfect for passports, birth certificates, titles, or deeds.

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monte michez Says: July 14, 2012 at 7:03 pm

It’s gotta be bigger than .94″ cu.

wireless one Says: July 16, 2012 at 3:35 am

My passport is 0.90″ cu. That doesn’t leave much room for an adjustable shelf and key rack! :0(

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