Sceptre introduces a budget-friendly 3D HDTV


Have you heard of the name Sceptre before? I am quite sure that those who are constantly on the lookout to upgrade their consumer electronics devices at home without breaking the family’s budget will certainly have come across devices from Sceptre before. The latest 3D HDTV measures 46″ across diagonally, where each purchase will come with four pairs of polarized passive 3D glasses in addition to SRS TruSurround HD Sound in an elegant piano black finish.

The latest 3D HDTV from Sceptre intends to deliver a totally new dimension in entertainment by introducing the latest 3D technology from Sceptre which is said to be able to display eye-popping images at a 1920 × 1080 and 1080P resolution, not to mention warming up your ears with its heart-pumping surround sound capabilities. Apart from that, the 46″ LED HDTV will also be able to hook itself up to external devices including cameras, computers and Blu-ray players in a simple and easy manner thanks to the inclusion of its five HDMI ports, a solitary USB port and a VGA port.

Cathy Chou, Vice President of Operations, Sceptre, “Quality, ease of use and affordability continue to be primary concerns of users seeking a 3D home entertainment experience. Our new 3D HDTV provides the same high quality experience as more costly units at a fraction of the price. In addition, we’ve made it easy for the whole family to enjoy by including three passive 3D and one passive clip-on glasses.”

Thanks to the inclusion of theater quality polarized passive 3D glasses, Sceptre’s latest offering is said to be able to deliver long term cost efficiency when compared to other 3D technologies. After all, passive glasses need not rely on batteries or receivers to get the job done as your eyes enjoy pop up visuals that might just scare you. Come to think of it, how come we have yet to see an increase in horror movies that take advantage of 3D technology? It would really be something, and the Final Destination series do not count in my book. Apart from that, passive 3D glasses are also able to produce a full-color image which has been touted to be a whole lot more comfortable to watch, doing away with headaches and eye fatigue that are often than not associated with active glasses.

It is said that this 46-inch 3D HDTV from Sceptre will be accompanied by 4 pairs of polarized glasses, and you can pick one off the shelf for $999.99.

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